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I'm an emotional cripple. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dread Pirate Roberts

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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2010|12:16 pm]
Dread Pirate Roberts
Attention! Attention!

I'll be broadcasting Dark Shadows from 12pm - 6pm tomorrow night. Then from 6pm - on I'll be showing Trekkies 1 & 2 and Fanboys.


Stop on by and say hello.
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2010|02:28 pm]
Dread Pirate Roberts
Follow me on Facebook because I don't plan on posting here much anymore.

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(no subject) [Dec. 31st, 2009|05:59 pm]
Dread Pirate Roberts
Happy New Year, everyone! And remember, if you must drink tonight, designate someone to be your pee assistant to help out so you don't end up like this guy.

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Happy Present Day! [Dec. 24th, 2009|07:11 pm]
Dread Pirate Roberts
I just want to wish whoever is reading this happy holidays. I hope they've been relatively drama free and I hope you have future drama free days into 2010.
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A return to form. [Dec. 16th, 2009|01:34 pm]
Dread Pirate Roberts
Yes, it is I! I bet you're wondering where I've been for the past 31 weeks. Well, if I told you, I'd have to kill you - it's that classified. Honestly, I've been around more of less. I've been making a ton of youtube videos -
It's mostly wrestling themed, but other stuff scattered throughout. Watch them if you dare.

I've also been playing 1 vs. 100 Live at a friends house every Friday night. We stream it on justin.tv so check us out - http://www.justin.tv/3vs100live
We start at 7pm pst and usually run until 9pm. It's fun and we make jokes more to keep ourselves entertained than the viewers.

Finally, I'm still looking for employment. It'll happen, I know it. A want to get some type of shipping/receiving position in a warehouse. Something where I divide my time between sitting and doing actual work. I don't want to be on my feet or my ass the whole time. A happy medium. It's the Libra in me.

I can't explain why I haven't bothered to update this. For the longest time, I hardly came around and even now, this is the first time I've checked my friend's list in about a week. I guess I always seem to find other ways to occupy my time. But no more! I'm returning like a bat out of hell and I'm going to make more of an effort to post things that are going on here, such as they are.

So, bring me up to speed, what have I missed?
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"Captain, this film is clearly illogical." [May. 9th, 2009|07:36 am]
Dread Pirate Roberts
Mild SPOILERS: Cut in case you haven't seen Star Trek yet, but want to.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2009|03:10 pm]
Dread Pirate Roberts
A friend brought this subject up and got me thinking, so I thought I'd inquire -

Can someone please explain to me the appeal of Twitter?

"Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?" taken straight from their site.

It sounds like LJ and IM had a baby and named it Twitter. What kind of name is that for a baby?

I truly don't see the point of this site. It would be different if the site offered something new, innovative and unique, but it doesn't. It's not even whole conversation. It's little pieces of conversation and sometimes not even complete sentences. If I want to hear your disjointed fragmented thoughts, I'll come over and get you drunk.

Can you argue that it does bring something new to the table? I'd like to know.

Is it meant to be something you write while on the go? Well, if you're out and about and want to talk to someone, they have these amazing devices called telephones. No, really! They allow you to contact your friends and actually hear their voice. Amazing, isn't it? The wonders of technology.

Not to mention that while you're out in the world, shouldn't you be enjoying what you're doing instead of getting on your phone or blackberry and bragging about what you're doing while you're doing it? You might miss something. How about you do it and then come back and tell us about it? Hey, instead of tweeting (can anyone argue that doesn't sound like a cutesy name for a fart?) why don't take some pictures with that camera phone. Isn't that the reason you dropped an extra $100 getting the latest model?

It's one thing to be out of touch with technology and I don't feel I'm really that. Simply put, I don't jump on the latest thing to come along just because everyone else is. I especially don't get behind any technology that doesn't improve on what came before it or brings something new to the table.

Okay, enough complaining.
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The Furry Knight. [Apr. 3rd, 2009|05:35 am]
Dread Pirate Roberts

Why do I find this so damn amusing? It could be that I'm up at 5am after not being able to sleep. Yes, insomnia sounds like a good reason.
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You can't touch Mormon Jesus! [Mar. 23rd, 2009|05:47 am]
Dread Pirate Roberts
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2009|07:07 pm]
Dread Pirate Roberts


A new episode of the Bastard Review. Please visit my channel, rate my video, comment if you like it, but above all, subscribe! I appreciate all my fans.
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